Becoming Free Range…

I am working at becoming Free Range. In fact I am being Free Range! I am being inspired by the likes of Marianne Cantwell, Brene Brown and Seth Godin right now. Combined, they have transformed my perspective on life, given me hope, and made me feel like I can create the working life I crave – the one that allows me to be at home, to feed my family (a task I can finally admit really matters to me) and to have a working life that feeds my relentless need for variety, new experiences. and a connection to those around me. These are all the things that I struggled to find when my kids were very small, and instead I used employment as a way of savouring some of my ’old’ identity – despite the fact that as the years passed, I liked my chosen career path less and less, and felt increasingly limited by what it had to offer me in the future.

Now that the kids are growing up, it would seem that so am I. And by making a massive change to my working life (and handing in my notice!!) – by stepping back, and daring myself to create something that I want, I feel that I am finally starting to know myself. To think more clearly abut who I am and what I want. To believe that life is to be enjoyed, not merely survived. That having children can be joyful, and by indulging in them I am not ‘giving up’ on everything I worked for before they came along. In many ways, they have given me the best impetus ever to live a ‘good life’ – to teach them by example.

It feels more meaningful, more purposeful than when I used to work so hard at surviving, and getting things done, and frankly always feeling like I was coming up short. I felt disconnected from the minutiae of their little lives, and more absorbed by the timetables, the routines,  and the relentless logistics of the paid ‘help’ that got me through my work days.

No more! The present is so much more simple. The future looks bright. It sure as heck looks uncertain, but it finally looks appealing, and like somewhere I want to be. Not somewhere I’m shaking my head at, or wringing my hands over. Bring it on!

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