How to create the life you want in 2015

small_4367106458Of late I’ve been opening doors. Not actual doors. Metaphorical ones. I’ve been opening metaphorical doors, and peering to see what’s behind them. Some doors I’ve just nudged open a crack with my foot, stood back and let the air circulate. Other doors I’ve flung open and walked right through.

This blog post is one of those metaphorical doors.

I’m neither flinging this one open, nor am I nudging it nervously. I am opening up this door wide, and standing in the doorway, beaming a welcoming smile at you all.

Because I have something to offer you all. Beyond another blog post.

And that’s a chance to work with me. To have me be your life coach.

I am entering 2015 with a spirit of inquiry (it’s my word for the year). And the first half of this year I shall mainly be inquiring about whether or not I have work to do in the world as a life coach. Because I’ve got a hunch that I do.

I started this inquiry last year, and had a ridiculous amount of fun learning how to coach. And discovered it was something I loved, and something that came quite naturally to me. So I decided to inquire some more, and go ahead an get an accreditation. Which is what I’m doing now.

And to do that I have to build my coaching practice. And I have to have me a roster of paying clients. Which has caused me to live outside of my comfort zone on a nearly permanent basis ever since I signed for the program. And to start opening doors that I’ve always been curious to open, but never thought I actually would.

So here I am, offering myself as more than a sometimes blogger. I’m offering myself up as a life coach too. As someone who loves to listen, who loves to uncover values, passions and motivations in you. As someone who has some pretty darn fun skills at her fingertips to put those values, passions and motivations to work in your life. As someone who can take you to a place that feels exciting and alive, but simultaneously peaceful, because it’s of your own making.

And if you’ve ever read anything I’ve ever written, you’ll know that I’m always searching for ways to make life run more smoothly, more peacefully, more entertainingly, and with more meaning. And coaching is simply another way of dong that. In conversation with another person.

I’m never going to be ready to write this post. I’m never going to be ready to open this door. I’m never going to be ready to face the possibility of a deafening silence in the face of this offer. But I’m doing it. The door’s opening.

So, if you would like to be one of my practice clients – let me know.

If you are even a little bit curious about this coaching thing, let me know.

If you want to try a 30 minute session completely free of charge, and see if my actual voice resembles my written voice in any way, let me know (it all happens over the phone/skype so geography need not be an issue).

If you want to live a life you want to live and have fun doing it, and fancy investing a little of your time and your money in doing just that – let me know.

Email me.

Ask me the questions that pop into your head.

Ask me to tell you the logistics.

If life’s taught me anything of late, it’s that there’s a lot to learn when you open a door before you’re ready to know exactly what’s behind it. Life gets interesting when you put your hand up, say ‘yes’,  press ‘send’ or ‘publish’ even when you’re entirely unsure of the outcome. This blog wouldn’t exist that’s for sure. And neither would any of my 3 kids, let alone my marriage!

What I’m finally starting to understand is that opening a door, and saying yes to an opportunity is never neutral. The eventual outcome may be something entirely different than the one you were aiming for. But something changes when you open a door. Something shifts in you. In the air. In the universe.

And shit starts happening. And things get fun.

And maybe this offer will turn out to be one of those doors you open. Maybe your curiosity to know what’s behind it will win out over your uncertainty, make you raise your hand, email me, and ask me to tell you more…

I’m going to open this door, hit publish and see what happens.

Something will. This much I know.

photo credit: duncande150 via photopin cc

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