Parenting in Public

As a new parent, the act of parenting in public was excruciating. It was exposing, and raw. It was vulnerable and uncomfortable. It took me to places I didn’t want to go. It forced me to have feelings I didn’t want to have.

However, in the act of parenting in public, I also learnt more, and stretched myself further than I ever thought I could.

I had to uncover new resources in myself, and let go of old patterns of thinking and being.

I had to grow.

I had to be real. More authentic with myself and the world.

It forced me to dig deep and ask some Big Questions about my life.

It inspired a blog where I continue to ponder those Big Questions.

It kickstarted a career in coaching where I get to be with clients while they explore their own Big Questions.

And somewhere along the line it stopped only being about parenting. And became about living.

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