Michaela Horan Coach

I offer a range of coaching services to individuals and organisations through PiP Coaching. I’m a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach and have spent the last 15 years working with people negotiating all manner of life challenges.

What I know to be true, and what informs all my coaching is that:

You are good enough.

Maybe your mean spirited gremlin-like inner critic says otherwise. But they’re wrong. Imagine what would be possible if you faced down that gremlin and discovered what’s possible when it’s quietened down.

You are a colourful, vibrant and fascinating human being.

You have so much to contribute simply by virtue of being you. What would it be like to really get in touch with that truth?

You have wisdom in abundance.

Here’s the surprising truth. You’re already carrying around more knowledge, more wisdom and more insight than you thought possible. You already have the answers you’re looking for. You just need help to dig them out, dust them off, and put them to good use.

If all this is sounding right up your street and you want to know about the services I offer, or have more questions email me or complete the contact form below.

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