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What is parenting for?

What is parenting for?

This week I heard Seth Godin ask “what is parenting for?”. I like this question. I can’t say why, but I do. It sounds big. Exciting. Like something we should all, as he says in the interview, be thinking about and writing about and arguing about. I’m so with him on this, but when I … Continue reading

Picking myself!

I recently listened to a podcast where Seth Godin encouraged me to “pick myself”. This notion blew my mind. It turned everything I knew and understood about the world on its head. The idea that I don’t have to wait to be chosen, interviewed, selected, short-listed. That if I’ve got something to say, something I … Continue reading

Becoming Free Range…

I am working at becoming Free Range. In fact I am being Free Range! I am being inspired by the likes of Marianne Cantwell, Brene Brown and Seth Godin right now. Combined, they have transformed my perspective on life, given me hope, and made me feel like I can create the working life I crave … Continue reading